Thursday, 19 May 2016

We'll miss you, Kevjumba!!

Hari ni emy nak bercakap dlm Bahasa Inggeris sebab lebih senang nak ungkapkan perkara ni..kikiki

So, the story is..My friend introduced me to this Youtuber named Kevjumba and from then I kinda fell in love with him..haha..

Who doesn't know Kevjumba right, or Kevin Wu? He was one of the first Asian Youtubers to talk about Asians in the West, Asian parenting, how it's like to be stereotyped as Asians etc..If you're an Asian living in the West, you'd definitely understand..

From then on, I started following him and his Youtube videos. We became huge fans of Kevjumba; his funny Asian jokes and horrible Asian antics.. my friend and I would talk about him and Ryan Higa's videos and we'd laugh it out together..They would surely make our day especially when the hard hits unexpectedly..we talked about how true it is whatever Kev and Ryan  are depicting in their channels and will  make a joke out of it..

Even his dad, Papajumba was as funny, if not funnier...I was literally dumbstruck when Kev decided to leave Youtube altogether at the height of his game and fame to lead a more humble and private life..he even privatized all of his videos!:'(

I am much more inspired to find out that Kev's now at a better place, in Nairobi Kenya running a school he founded on Jumbafund...leading a much more spiritual life..

Though he stopped making funny Asian videos, he'll continue to inspire us..I do have faith and belief in that..Can't stop thinking of how much he has become now than before..Everybody's got his/ her own path and hope he'll be happy with whatever path he chooses! Thanks Kev for all the memories as Asians in the west! We'll miss u loads and heaps but I'll continue to follow your stories from your blog..

P/S: Check out his blog at for those of you who miss him..

Sorryla hakak bebel2 pasai Kevjumba ni..only a true fan will understand this..kikiki..

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